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Shows for general audiences can be tailored to meet your needs. Eric has performed for venues as diverse as the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, The Taste Of Colorado, and First Night Fort Collins to elementary schools, libraries, and recreation centers

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1. Grandpa's Chevrolet

2. Pete's Picnic
3. Roxanne The Raccoon

4. Sadie The Spider
5. Wormaid


Grandpa's Chevrolet - While not a true song, Grandpas Homemade Cheverolet could have been true. Actually, it is a blend of both of my grandfathers that inspired this song. My mothers father was a farmer/buisness man from Indiana that could make or do anything while never having a "regular" job. My fathers father was a dentist from Brooklyn, NY. When my father was a child in the 1930s, his father spent hours trying to invent a perpetual motion machine.


Pete's Picnic - This song is dedicated to my son Peter, (now an adult.) It is fun to play with alliteration--there area lot of foods that start with the letter P.


Roxanne The Raccoon - I have always thought that places like Colorado need their own Super Hero.I wrote this song, with the help of my wife Kimberly Taylor, about a raccoon that used to visit our deck every night.


Sadie The Spider - Sadie The Spider was written to be accompanied by dancing spider puppet. Once again it is fun to play with alliteration. Chartreuse is a shade of green--similar to lime green.


Wormaid - The Ledgend of the Wormmaid came about when Disney's Little Mermaid first came out and my son Peter pronounced it "wormmaid"